Tequila Poker

What is Tequila Poker

With poker becoming increasingly popular, casinos are constantly searching for new variations on the poker game to attract new players. In recent years a number of new games were introduced that all are based on the basic poker rules. One of the most popular of these new games is Tequila Poker. Tequila Poker is a very new game, but in the short period that the game has been available it has become very popular amongst users of online casinos. Tequila Poker was introduced in 2005 and was very quickly embraced by the online casinos and the users of the online casinos. The game is played with a standard 52 cards deck and mixes two of the most popular card games ever, Blackjack and Poker, to form a very exciting, fun, and profitable game that is easy to learn and offers interesting options.

Tequila Poker

The Basic Rules of Tequila Poker

As we have said, Tequila Poker is a combination of Blackjack and Poker and it may be compared to Caribbean Stud Poker, which is another Poker based casino game. As we will explain the rules you will see what we mean. The game is played against a dealer and thus against the casino just like Blackjack. At the beginning of each game the player places an ante. After placing the ante the player will receive four cards. Based on these four cards the player has to decide if he wants to fold or play. When the player folds, he or she loses. When the player plays he has two options. After it is declared what came will be played, the player puts in an additional bet. The beauty of Tequila Poker is that it really is two games in one. After you have received your cards you can choose to play; they can either play High Tequila or Tequila Poker.

High Tequila

When you chose not to play Tequila Poker, but you choose High Tequila, you will play a game that is comparable to Blackjack. The object of High Tequila is to get as many points as possible. The scoring of the cards in High Tequila is the same as Blackjack; face cards are worth 10 points, other cards their face value, and aces are always 11. You will have to have 46 points to qualify for a High Tequila hand and payouts are according to the number of points you have collected.

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Tequila Poker

When you choose to play Tequila Poker, you are looking for the best poker hand. The lowest hand that will get a payout is a pair of aces and payouts go according to how high a poker hand you have. After you have chosen which game to play, you will get two more cards and from these six cards in total you will have to pick the best five.