Wild Viking

What is Wild Viking?

On this site we have already discussed two games that mixed Poker with another popular casino game. In both cases this other casino game was Blackjack. Wild Viking is also a mix of the poker game and another popular casino game. In the case of Wild Viking, this other casino game is, however, not Blackjack, but Roulette. Wild Viking is one of the new games that have appeared as a result of the popularity of Poker and the growth of Online Gaming. Online casinos are constantly looking for new games to attract new players and since Poker is so popular these days, a game that is based on the already familiar Poker game will attract more players. A lot of these new games are not quite successful, but Wild Viking is among one of the stars of this new breed of poker casino games. The number of online casinos that offer Wild Viking to their players is growing everyday as is the number of users that enjoy playing Wild Viking Online

Wild Viking

Basic Wild Viking Rules

As we have said, Wild Viking is a combination of Poker and Roulette. Like in Roulette, Black Vicking is played on a special table where different kinds of bets can be made. In essence there are four different kinds of best that can be made when you play Wild Viking. There are the Roulette type of bets, Poker bets, Progressive Jackpot bets and the special Wild Viking bet.

Roulette Bets and the Wild Viking Bet

In the center betting area you will find all 52 cards laid out like on a Roulette table. In the bottom betting area you will find Roulette-type bets like: odds/even or black/red. The bets in the bottom and center betting area work in the same way as Roulette bets. You place your bets on one or more cards or on one of the other Roulette-type bets. When all bets are made, the dealer will deal five cards and the fith card will determine the outcome of all Roulette-type bets. So when the five of clubs is the fifth card, Roulette-bets placed on the 5 of clubs, on odd, on black, and so on will win, others will lose. When a Joker is the fifth card, all Roulette bets will be lost. In the bottom betting area you wil also find the Wild Viking bet. You will win this bet when the first and fifth card turned over are both Jokers.

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Poker Bets and Progressive Jackpot Bets

The Poker bets can be found in the top betting area. Here you can place money on which poker hand you will expect to come up. When that hand or a better one shows up, the player wins. The Progressive Jackpot is also connected to the poker hands. When three of a Kind or better is dealt, a percentage of the Progressive Jackpot is paid out, depending on the hand.